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It has been such an honour and pleasure to be involved. Most of all, seeing members of the public standing in queues, just to see these drawings, was so very inspiring at a time when the country is so fractured and damaged. Art conquers all!

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‘You see, the human brain has a unique capacity for imagination and we use this to make our visual stories which can be real or imagined. We have left our mark for thousands of years- as you young people have’.

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VERY IMPORTANTLY, we MUST ensure that young people don’t just experience the arts and culture but that they actively take part and create their own as participants. Kids are unique human beings- they are not a piece of data!

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It’s worth it isn’t it? There we all were, at the end of a long school year, yet surrounded by people who care about art, who thrive on it, who can’t get enough of it and who rally on through two and a half days of vital, exciting, creative learning and challenges.

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We were born to make art.
We were born to enjoy Art.
We were born to use our hands.
So, let’s do it…..

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