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Well readers, if you have not heard of this, then follow this link:
the Big Draw

Few people understand the importance of drawing in everyday life, or feel confident in their ability to draw or to support others to draw. This limits expression, innovation, and learning. The Campaign for Drawing exists to raise the profile of drawing and to promote its use as a tool for learning, thought, creativity, innovation, communication and social and cultural engagement for all: in brief, to get everyone drawing.

From a very early age I fell into drawing as both an escape from the world and also a way of recording my own world. I loved it and I still love it. I draw to communicate, I draw to record and to memorise, I draw to make sense of things, I draw to plan and think things through, I draw to cause menace, and I draw for fun and for pleasure.

It was an honour to be invited by the Campaign for Drawing to take part in a six day programme of “Train the trainer”. This is a chance to work with other practitioners across the UK, and with the inspiring Eileen Adams, on making sense of the campaign and being able to pass on the methodology and the importance across our varied geographical regions.

We spent time finding out about the project and exchanging our views and experiences. We let people into our private thoughts and spent time on small introductions. We shared our love of art and drawing, on a warm two days in London. There was time for both reflection and musing. I love a good muse.

On day 2, we also attended the Campaign for Drawing Awards at the British Museum, a pleasure to be there looking at the work of the winners and hearing their stories. From Teesside to South Australia, they showed how drawing could motivate and inspire communities.

I marvel at the fact that drawing existed before language existed.
I so enjoyed working with Eileen (ably assisted by the wonderful Paulene, from the Nederlands) and the other practitioners from all corners of England. We are now to be known as the Drawing Action group, a group of sixteen Associates of The Campaign for Drawing forming a network across the english regions.

I also got to hear the fascinating story of how drawing became central to the life of the children’s illustrator. Nick Sharratt, who illustrates the Jacqueline Wilson books. Nick talks from the heart, without any ego getting in the way. He’ a star.Nick’s website

Anyway, I have another two days working with my new colleagues, in July. They are a positive, mixed experiences, creative and quirky group. Can’t wait to get my sleeves rolled up and do some practical sessions with them at the next session. Bless their cotton socks.


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